Why work for Northclean​?

We are a local business and we align family with a team environment. We believe a good balance between work and family is achievable and do our best to structure employee hours around family life.


We believe our biggest asset is YOU, it is in our best interests you are given the decades of knowledge and experience the owners have so you succeed in the areas of the business you service.


Growth is offered to employees who show leadership and wish to move into supervisory/managing roles


  • If you are great with your hands and want to deliver a quality cleaning service in the field.... we want to hear from you 
  • If you are wanting to grow your leadership skills by climbing up the management ladder.... we want to hear from you
  • If you are wanting to be challenged and expand your current contract cleaning portfolio... we want to hear from you
  • If you have the drive and desire to be a contract cleaner... we want to hear from you

North Clean